Sunday, February 4, 2007

A Military Tradition Carries On

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Like so many other aspects of military tradition, the origins of the challenge coin is a matter of much debate, the most commonly held view is that the tradition began in the United States Army Air Service (a forerunner of the current United States Air Force) during World War I. As the legend goes,a wealthy lieutenant, ordered small, solid-bronze medallions (or coins) struck, which he then presented to the other pilots in his squadron as mementos of their service together.

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Ray Cottrell Sr. and Larry Green are both retired from the Army and one day after Birdbird won the Delta Jackpot they were talking about how impressed they were with the treatment they received at Delta Downs and that they wanted to give a small token of their appreciation to those that had treated them so well so Larry suggested having a coin made as a special thank you for a job well done. It is both Ray and Larry's hope that this custom becomes a tradition in the thoroughbred industry too.

I am happy to say that I have been given a Birdbird coin and I want to thank Ray and everyone on Team Bird for their thoughtfulness, they are a wonderful group of people!

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