Friday, May 11, 2007

Doctor's Orders

Dr. Bramlett has determined that Birdbird has injured his left rear suspensory in one of his recent races. This kind of injury can be very difficult to diagnose and probably played a role in Birdbird's poor showings in both the Florida Derby and Crown Royal American Turf. You can learn more about suspensory injuries here including an article by the the TBA's own Fran Jurga over at Hoof Care who has written on this topic here. Birdbird will get 60 days off at that time Dr. Bramlett will reexamine him. Under normal conditions Birdbird could return to training in about 90 days but Team Bird have decided to give him at least 120 days off and return to training in the fall and plan for an exciting four-year old campaign for Birdbird.

The colt will convalesce at Kenny McPeek's Magdelena Farm in Lexington and Team Bird wants to thank everybody for all their support and we'll see Birdbird back at the races when he is fully recovered.


Anonymous said...

Get well soon Birdbird....we love you (we never stopped loving you :)).

Fran Jurga said...

So sorry to hear that Bird is caged. That said, there are some terrific new treatments, including stem cell transplant, for suspensory injuries. I did a post about it and there's a video, too. Here's the link to my post

(I am not sure where your link pointed, I think it is to my web site, not the blog.)

I don't know what they will do for him but there are options now that were never available before.

Let me know if you want any more info, I have tons!


Glen said...

Get Well Soon, Birdbird! I was looking forward to Bird returning to Louisiana Downs in last summer or early fall. Either on turf or dirt.

I see his future as solid turf miler based on his past performance and pedigree.

John, I enjoy both of your blogs & greetings from Louisiana -- Glen