Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Once In A Lifetime Horse: You Gotta Love Him

Owner Ray Cottrell Sr. plants one on Birdbirdistheword in his stall at Delta Downs.

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Birdbirdistheword is now stabled at Palm Meadows in Florida where he can be seen modeling his Jackpot blanket with his groom, Roberto Abambriz

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kentucky joe said...

very nice, I really enjoy seeing owners down at the stall, checking on their ponies....something very touching about that..makes an optimist like me think they don't look at these horses as "just another portfolio investment".

Nellie said...

Lovely! If you look closely, it almost seems as if he's smiling as he gets a kiss... although, it also looks like he's beginning to eye the beverage!

Anonymous said...

From Team Bird - nellie said he looked like birdbird was smiling when he got a kiss - he LOVES to kiss! I have some great silly shots of him kissing and playing with my hair - I usually do not let Stallions play with my hair. I taught him to kiss/kiss and he loves doing it. I miss him and have not seen him since he went to Fla. He is such a wonderful horse. This blog site is awesome!! Brenda Cottrell Tyree