Wednesday, January 24, 2007

One Hundred Days

Any journey begins with one step and spectacular achievements almost always begin with unspectacular preparation. From Arcadia, California to the Fairgrounds in New Orleans to Palm Meadows in Florida, a few horsemen wake up in the morning with a promising three-year old in the barn and a dream in their hearts.

One hundred days to go.

Kenny McPeek has dreamed this dream before; in 1995 Tejano Run almost made the dream came true. A few years later Deputy Warlock, Harlan's Holiday and Repent came along but each time the dream slipped away.

It's been seven weeks since the Delta Jackpot and Birdbird is getting a little restless. He's been galloping under tack six days a week for the last three weeks; he's filled out and is full of himself but a little bit of boredom has set in. It's time to do more. And so this Saturday, Birdbird takes that first step on the journey to Louisville. The preparations begin as Birdbird gets down to work with a three furlong breeze under exercise rider, Alberto Balbuena at Palm Meadows.

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